Student Athlete Advisory Committee

The Bryn Mawr College Student Athlete Advisory Committee(SAAC)  is a student Body that serves as a liaison between the athletic department, athletes and the campus by providing insight, activities and supports for all student-athletes. The SAAC is comprised of an executive board elected by fellow athletes as well as two representatives from each team.

We encourage all athletes and non-athletes to attend our meetings as we are an open forum for discussion and encourages new and diverse opinions.

2017-2018 Executive Board:
Co-President - Lillian Oyen- Ustad '19 (Swimming)
Co-President - Kendall Derber '19 (Lacrosse)
Vice President -  Leah Baer '19 (Soccer)
Secretary - Catherine Bactat '20 (Soccer)
Treasurer - Carlie Hansen '21 (Soccer)
Public Relations - Grace Morris '20 (Lacrosse)
Diversity & Inclusion - Brenden Harrison '20 (Basketball) & Sydney Garner '20 (Basketball)