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Bryn Mawr Cross Country Open 2013 Campaign at Haverford Open

Bryn Mawr Cross Country Open 2013 Campaign at Haverford Open

HAVERFORD, Pa. – Junior Claudia Keep took home first place with a time of 17:35 at the Haverford Open Friday afternoon. The course, a three-mile trail, gave the Owls a look at their Bi-Co foe's Haverford.

"The goal for Keep this race was to see just how fast she could run the last mile of a 3 Mile race," said fourth-year head coach Jason Hewitt. "I think that sent a message most of the Conference will here!"

With the team running in pacing groups, it was the returners that set and controlled the tempo of the race.

Among those groups were the trio of juniors Kim Wiley and Elaine Schmidt, and freshman Sydney Maves. Wiley and Schmidt split pacing duties; with Wiley in charge of a smooth and controlled first two miles and Schmidt leading the team to an explosive finish. Maves, making her collegiate posted a time of 19:44 while learning from the returners and maintaining contact through-out the race.

A similar strategy was adopted by seniors Sarah Macholdt and captain Victoria Travis as they paced first-year Ashley Macina through the course.

With Keep taking 1st place overall, she was not the only outstanding performer as many a new athletes laid down there new 3–mile personal bests on the Haverford course. Among the notables were first-year Macina (21:54) and sophomore Betsy Helm (23:53).

"The team did a solid job of controlling the effort and supporting each other at every position today" said Coach Hewitt at the end of the meet.

The Owls will be return to action on Saturday, Sept. 7, when they host the Bryn Mawr College Invitational at 10:00 am at Rose Tree Park in Media, Pa.